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  • Paulo de Sa

    Paulo de Sa

    Build The Future. Live & Work Better with Technology

  • Mark Craddock

    Mark Craddock

    Building marketplace for #IoT. Ex UK Gov #CloudStore Lead. Built UK #CloudStore, 13,000+ Cloud services / 1,200 suppliers. Public Sector Startup guru (3 so far)

  • Danielle D'Agostaro

    Danielle D'Agostaro

    @WVV @AlchemistAccelerator @Adobe @UCBerkeley I have a passion for food, wine, and film and see startup founders as the most inspirational people

  • Giuseppe Basile

    Giuseppe Basile

  • Curtis Stanier

    Curtis Stanier

    Product Lead at @DeliveryHeroCom. Formerly @HelloFresh, @BBC, @Atos. Passion for product, business &tech. I like helping people solve problems. Berlin

  • Mike Housley

    Mike Housley

  • Interoute


    Interoute is the owner-operator of a global cloud services platform and one of Europe's largest networks.

  • Jake Rains

    Jake Rains

    I press a button.

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